Delay Finder: my very own #MakeoverMonday of a viz by Ben Moss

I really appreciate the power of constructive criticism in the #DataViz space. Given the importance of the audience in the data visualization process, feedback from peers is a gift to ask for and to encourage.

When criticizing a visualization, there are both technical and ethical rules to be followed, and I think most of them can be found in two main sources:

1. The #MakeoverMonday project, that every week picks a data visualization to improve, asking participants to stick to the original data, and constrain their time to a hour (to seek simplicity);

2. A framework recently published by Stephen Few, where he purposed a structured way to assess the quality of a data visualization.

Some week ago, my good friend, colleague and great data wrangler Ben Moss published a new viz about flight delays.

As an Italian expat in London, I can easily qualify as an interested audience, and I definitely had questions to ask the dashboard.


Here’s Ben’dashboard:

This peculiar cocktail of interest, good data, and friendship made me willing to apply to Ben’s dashboard the rules of both the MakeoverMonday project and the framework outlined by Stephen Few.

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