#VizBI – The Concept

Very often we use Tableau Public to showcase interesting visualizations, that we would never bring to our workplace.

Sankey charts, radial charts, etc. are all fun to experiment and great learning experiences, but unlikely to be the visualization of our choice in a business environment.

At the same time, we can’t really have those as main examples of BI dashboards, can we?

BI Dashboards.PNG

#VizBI wants to be a series of Tableau visualizations, based on dummy data and curated by Ravi Mistry (@Scribblr_42) and myself.

The idea is to model real-life business questions and get to actionable insights as quickly and accurately as possible.

The aim is to explore and share practices of Visual Business Intelligence, across different real-life-like scenarios.

Feedback will of course be encouraged; it is essentially the soul of the whole project: Finding different options and approaches to the same questions. Or even find different/more interesting questions.

Watch this space!